How to create an SNS Subscription

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    After you create an SNS topic, you must add subscriptions in order to integrate the information to any required endpoints.

    1. In order to add subscriptions click on the SNS topic on the AWS console.
    2. Under Subscriptions click on Create subscription.
    3. Choose the required protocol type.
    4. For example, Email.
      Notice that the subscription ID is Pending Confirmation, the protocol is email and the endpoint is the given email address:image2017-11-30_19-35-53.png
    5. Check your email for a message from "AWS Notification - Subscription Confirmation". In the email, click on confirm subscription link.
      The subscription is confirmed:

      After the confirmation you will see that the subscription ID now has a value.image2017-11-30_19-43-8.png


    Note - No SNS will be sent to a subscription that it is not confirmed yet.