Enable Multi-Factor Authentication in Dome9

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    Keep your account secure! Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Dome9. Dome9 supports the following:

    • Google Authentication
    • Authy
    • Microsoft Authenticator
    • Any TOTP compatible Device

    Here is how to enable MFA in Dome9:

    1. Click on your account in the top right and navigate to 'My Settings'
    2. In the upper right, you will see 'Multi Factor Authentication.' If not already enabled, click ENABLE.Screen_Shot_2018-05-05_at_2.47.01_PM.png
    3. You will be presented with a pop-up window containing a code.
    4. Install and/or use one of the supported authenticators for MFA to scan the code.
    5. Verify your authenticator by entering the 6 digit code after scanning.
    6. Upon successful completion, you should see 'Enabled' in your settings under Multi Factor Authentication.

    To disable MFA:

    1. In My Settings, select Multi Factor Authentication.
    2. Click ENABLED. It will change to DISABLED.

    If you are an admin user or root user for a Dome9 account, you can disable MFA for another user.

    1. Navigate to the Users page in the Administration menu. This shows a list of all users in the Dome9 account.
    2. Open the Actions menu (on the right) for the user, and select Disable MFA.