Create Custom GSL rule using the Rule Builder

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    Dome9 allows for you to create your own custom rules. Here is how to access the GSL Rule Builder to create your own custom rule:

    1. In the Dome9 dashboard, navigate to Compliance & Governance and select 'Compliance Engine'
    2. You must create a your own bundle if you'd like to create your own custom GSL rules. You can clone an existing bundle or create a new one. To create a new bundle, select 'New Bundle'
    3. Enter a Name, Description and Cloud Vendor for your new bundle.
    4. Now you can create custom rules for your newly created bundle. To create a new rule, select 'New Rule'
    5. To begin creating your new rule, click in the box that says 'Rule GSL'
    6. Dome9 offers multiple ways for you to create your rules. You can use the Text Editor to create your custom rule, or you can use the Dome9 Rule Builder. To use the Rule Builder, select the tab that says 'Rule Builder'
    7. Here is where you can access the Rule Builder to build out your custom GSL rulesScreen_Shot_2018-05-05_at_3.06.55_PM.png