Onboard a Google Cloud Account to Dome9

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    This topic describes how to onboard a Google Cloud account to your Dome9 account.

    Onboard a Google Cloud account

    1. In the Dome9 console,navigate to Protect and select Add Google Cloud Account.

      The Add Google Cloud Account Wizard will appear, directing you through the steps required to define Dome9 as an application

    2. Login to the Google Cloud management portal

    3. Navigate to API Manager, in the left menu.

    4. Enable the Google Compute Engine API

    5. Click on Credentials in the left menu

    6. Select the Credentials tab.

    7. Click Create Credentials.

    8. Select Service account key.

    9. In Service account drop down menu select New service account


    10. Enter Dome9-Connect in the Service account name field.

    11. In the Role field, select Viewer from the list.

    12. Select JSON as the Key type.

    13. Click Create.

    14. Download and save the key.

    15. Add a name for the cloud account, and upload the key you created by clicking BROWSE and then NEXT.