Filtering Views

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    You can filter lists of accounts, instances, and other objects in your cloud presence, using the filter box on the left. You can also search for a specific object by name, in the search box. Filters can be saved and shared with other users.

    The filter block

    The filter block is on the left of the page. The filter options vary according to the objects in the list.


    Save filters

    You can save a filter, to use it again, or make it available to other users.

    1. Select the desired filters.

    2. Click FILTERS.

    3. Enter a name for the filter, and select whether it is public or private.

      Note - Public filters are visible and available to all users, while private filters are only visible to you.

    4. Click SAVE.


    Search for an object

    Enter text in the search box to search for a specific object in the list. The search is incremental, and search results are updated as you enter more text. Search text is not case sensitive.