Create a Dome9 Support account

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    By creating a Dome9 Support account you can submit ticket requests as well as view and manage your requests.

    Here's how to create a Dome9 Support account:

    1. Click 'Sign In' in the top right of the Dome9 Help CenterScreen_Shot_2018-06-12_at_2.43.59_PM.png
    2. A pop-up window will appear prompting sign in. Below the form, select 'Sign up'Screen_Shot_2018-06-12_at_2.44.17_PM.png
    3. You will be presented with a sign up form requesting your full name and your email. Please enter a valid email address, as you will receive an email verifying account registration to this address.
    4. Check your inbox for an email from Dome9 Help Center. You should have an email containing an account registration link. Clicking the link will present you with one last form to create and submit your password.

    That's it! Now you should have full access to the Dome9 Help Center. For additional information on how to contact Dome9 Support and submit a request, please see 'Contact Dome9 Support'