The CloudGuard Dome9 UI

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    CloudGuard Dome9 is a web-based SaaS application. Access it from the URL

    The main screen shows a dashboard view of your cloud accounts and resources that have been onboarded to Dome9. This shows the following:

    • your cloud inventory - accounts, protected assets, and network policies that are onboarded to Dome9
    • your compliance posture - the results of the most recent compliance assessments of your cloud environments
    • security posture - a breakdown of the security posture of cloud resources (network Security Groups, IAM users, S3, instances)

    The left side of the screen shows the most recent events that have been logged by CloudGuard Dome9 for your accounts (the full list is in the Audit Trail page).


    Top-level menus

    The top-level menus on the main screen are organized to make navigation to pages simple and quick.

    Cloud Inventory

    This menu has pages to onboard accounts, and to view assets in your accounts that are protected by CloudGuard Dome9 (with links to pages in which you can change and manage this protection).


    Compliance & Governance

    This menu has pages to run compliance assessments on your accounts, view results, and define policy rules.


    Network Security

    This menu has pages to manage and visualize your network security groups, and other network entities.


    IAM Safety

    This menu has pages to manage access to your AWS accounts with the Dome9 IAM Safety feature.



    This menu has pages to manage your CloudGuard Dome9 account, including users, roles, and notifications. It also has a page to view audit events.



    The user menu, in the upper right, has options to manage your CloudGuard Dome9 user settings.


    Notifications bar

    The notification bar at the top of the page indicates pending notifications, and product updates.


    Compatible browsers

    The Dome9 application works best with the Chrome and Firefox browsers (latest versions).