Onboarding Host Based Security

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    A requirement for making a new server available for Dome9 management is installation of a management agent for the server. Whether the new server is run by a Windows or Linux-based operating system, an agent handles communication between the Dome9 platform and the new server.

    Note: These instructions are only relevant to adding server instances in Dome9 agent-based deployments. New cloud instances are added in the AWS environment, and associated with security groups within geographical AWS regions shown on the Manage pane sidebar.
    Follow these steps to add new agent-managed servers:

    1. Navigate to "Protect" -> "Install new agent" and select either Linux or Windows as your platform choice.;



    1. The 'Install Linux Agent' dialog appears:
    2. The operating systems supported are displayed at the top of the agent installation window. Yours must be one of the four Linux OS types shown;
    3. (Optional) Select a security group with which to associate the server and assign it a name (this can also be done after agent installation);
    4. Copy the agent installation code near the bottom of the Dome9 Linux Agent Installation window;
    5. Log in to your server as root;
    6. Paste and run the code to install the agent.
    7. A new Agent should appear under the "Waiting for new agents to connect". 
    8. The agent should connect to Dome9.


    1. The 'Install Windows Agent' dialog appearimage2016-2-4_15_30_44.png
      This window includes actions in two phases:

    2. Download the agent.
      1. Select the agent download link;
      2. Copy the pairing key, which you will need during agent installation;
      3. When the agent .exe file completes download, run the installation wizard. Enter the pairing key when prompted;
      4. The Wizard completes installation.
    3. Associate the new server with one of the Dome9 agent-managed security groups. (Association with a security group is available from the installation window, but may result in disconnection from the server if done before the installation wizard finishes).

    Note: No matter whether installation is for a Windows or Linux-based server, it is now manageable from the Dome9 platform. It may be associated with any security group within the agent-managed portion of listed security groups.

    The Agent Security groups can be reached from the menu under: 'Network security' → 'Agent Security groups.'