Host Based Security Emergency Policy

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    What is Host Based Security Emergency Policy?
    If Dome9 Agent that is installed on you servers, looses contact with Dome9 central, you will not be able to obtain access leases to your server.
    This could happen once in a while because of network issues with your hosting provider, DNS problems, or even Dome9 service disruptions.
    If this happens, the agent then adds the Emergency Policy that should allow you to gain access to the server.

    What is the Emergency Policy?

    The emergency policy is constructed from:

    1. The existing policy that is currently deployed on your server's firewall by Dome9 agent
    2. Additional  services that are added during emergency that could be configured by you (default: Remote Desktop and SSH, for all IP addresses)

    When is the Emergency Policy enforced?
    The emergency policy will be enforced if the agent lost contact with Dome9 Central service for a certain amount of time known as the Emergency Timeout.
    The default emergency timeout is 30 minutes.

    How do I configure the Emergency Policy?
    We have have reasonable defaults - so, It is not recommended to change your default emergency policy. If you still want to customize it:

    1. Login to you Dome9 account
    2. Click the user menu 
    3. Click Account Settings
    4. Click Emergency Policy
    5. Here you can view and edit the emergency policy and timeout