Troubleshooting Dome9 Agent for Linux install problems

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    The Dome9 Agent for Linux is deployed on thousands of servers worldwide. It is used on dedicated servers, personal computers, VPS & cloud servers running on many different virtualization platforms and over 20 different Linux flavors and variants!

    Problem #1: Critical Pairing Error

    Reason: Linux Server isn't updated

    Linux is a constantly evolving operating systems with patches and updates released on a daily basis. In some cases you may need to update your OS.

    To update on Debian or Ubuntu, run:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get upgrade

    To update on RHEL or CentOS, run (as root):

    yum update

    After completing the update/upgrade (and rebooting, if neccessary), please repeat the installation of the Dome9 Agent.

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    Problem #2: Linux Agent Status Unknown on Central

    Reason: OpenSSL package is not installed

    Please make sure you have OpenSSL installed on your Linux server.

    To install on Debian or Ubuntu, run:

    sudo apt-get install openssl

    To install on RHEL or CentOS, run (as root):

    yum install openssl

    If OpenSSL was added, uninstall the Dome9 Agent and then rerun the agent installation.

    What does Agent not recognized mean

    The process of adding new servers to Dome9 is done in two phases:
    1. Adding a new server entity in the Dome9 central
    2. Installing the Dome9 agent on your cloud instance

    If you have installed the agent without first creating a server on the Dome9 central you will see the “Agent not recognized” message in the Dome9 log.

    To fix this login to your Dome9 account and create a server with appropriate operating system and IP, the agent should be discovered and appear as “Accessible” on the Dome9 central within a few seconds.