Add an Emergency Policy

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    To configure a new emergency policy, follow these steps:

    1. Select the Emergency Policy under the Account Settings menuimage2016-4-17_16_53_45.png
    2. Select the ADD NEW SERVICE option;
    3. The Add Service Port dialog is displayed:
    4. Define the new service:
      1. Set service type from the dropdown menu or choose 'Custom';
      2. Name the service;
      3. Describe the service;
      4. Choose the protocol associated with the service port as well as the port number;
      5. To express a range rather than a single port, select 'Port Range';
      6. Choose to either allow all IP addresses to connect to this service, or to filter by IP address (whitelist) by selecting 'Specify IPs'.
        1. After selecting 'Specific IPs', you will be prompted to add at least one source to configure the service. Do so by clicking on 'ADD SOURCE', inputting an IP/CIDR, or selecting an existing IP List. Click 'ADD RULE' to do so.
      7. Click 'SAVE: to save your new service.