Manually Install Dome9 Agent (Linux)

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    Please use this steps only if the automated install script failed.

    Dome9 offers a generic tar.gz Linux Agent package

    The Dome9 Firewall agent requires the following dependencies:

    • Python > 2.4 (Python 3 not yet supported)
    • IPTables
    • OpenSSL

    Make sure they are installed and updated.

    To manually install the agent:

    1. Download the agent from
    2. Installation. Run the following commands:
      tar zxvf Dome9Agent-latest.tar.gz
      cd Dome9Agent-0.x.x
      python install
    3. Install the startup scripts and cron watchdog manually (according to your distribution conventions):
      1. Startup script - located in contrib/dome9d_init
      2. Cron Watchdog - located in contrib/dome9d_cron
    4. Last step is to pair the agent. Run the following command:
      dome9d pair -k <pairing key>

    To manually install the Dome9 Agent first obtain your pairing key from the Settings page ( For more information, please see Pairing Key.

    Debian 6+ / Ubuntu 9.10+

    Redhat 5+ / CentOS 5+


    Download the Dome9 Firewall Agent latest version from:


    And run the following as root:

    tar zxvf Dome9Agent-latest.tar.gz
    cd Dome9Agent-0.x.x
    python install
    cp contrib/dome9d_init /etc/init.d/dome9d
    chkconfig --add dome9d
    cp contrib/dome9d_cron /etc/cron.d/dome9d

    All that remains is to pair the agent

    dome9d pair -k <pairing key>

    Note: Your pairing key can be found or in the Settings page