Open service tickets on ServiceNow by email

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    This note describes how to integrate the ServiceNow platform with Dome9. This will allow service tickets to be opened in ServiceNow from Dome9 for Continuous Compliance notifications.

    ServiceNow is an ITSM tool that automates many common business processes. With the integration to Dome9, you can see compliance issues relating to your cloud accounts found by the Dome9 Continuous Compliance module as tickets in ServiceNow. You can manage remedial action from ServiceNow and then, once the issue has been resolved in your cloud account, the Dome9 compliance tests will confirm the remedy.

    This integration configures Dome9 to open a ticket on ServiceNow for each finding. 

    Follow these steps on ServiceNow:

    1. Log in to your instance in ServiceNow, and navigate to System Mailboxes > Email Properties.
    2. In the Inbound Email Configuration section, mark Email receiving enabled as yes

    3. Add "" to the list of Trusted domains when creating new users from incoming email.

    4. To change the action for inbound emails, go to System Policy > Email > Inbound Actions > Create new, and configure a new action. Refer to "Create Incident" as an example.
    5. Send a test email to  <your-instance-name>, where <your-instance-name> is the name of your ServiceNow instance. Using the default Create Instance action, it will create an incident with the email subject as the short description, the whole body in a comment, and with urgency low (3).

    Follow these steps on Dome9:

    On Dome9, you must configure a Notification Policy for your Continuous Compliance assessments, that will send emails to ServiceNow for each new finding. See here for details about setting up Notification Policies for Continuous Compliance assessments of your cloud accounts.

    1. On the Dome9 Console, navigate to Continuous Compliance in the Compliance & Governance menu.
    2. Click Manage Notifications.
    3. Click Add new policy.
    4. Enter a name for the policy, such as ServiceNow-by-email.
    5. Immediate Notification section, select the . Enter <your-instance-name> as the recipient email address.
    6. Click Create.

    ServiceNow will parse the email from Dome9 for details about the issue, and create a new ticket based on them.