Open service tickets on Jira by email

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    This note describes how to integrate the Atlassian Jira platform with Dome9. This will allow service tickets to be opened in Jira from Dome9 for Continuous Compliance notifications.

    Jira is a popular ITSM tool that automates many common business processes. With the integration to Dome9, you can see compliance issues relating to your cloud accounts found by the Dome9 Continuous Compliance module as tickets in Jira. You can manage remedial action from Jira and then, once the issue has been resolved in your cloud account, the Dome9 compliance tests will confirm the remedy and update the ticket in Jira automatically.

    This integration configures Dome9 to open a ticket on Jira for each finding. This is done by emails, sent from Dome9 to Jira. As part of the process, you will configure an email server/account that Jira can access (for example, on, or on your corporate email server). You will then configure Dome9 to send notification emails to this address for each finding.

    Follow these steps on Jira (you must be an admin user):

    In the steps below, will be used as the email server, but you can your own specific email server instead.

    1. On Jira, navigate to Jira settings.
    2. Select System.
    3. Select Incoming Mail.
    4. In the POP/IMAP Mail Servers section, Click Add POP/IMAP mail server.
    5. Enter a name for the server, say Dome9-ticketing-email.
    6. Select the protocol for the server, in this example, SECURE_IMAP.
    7. Enter the mail server host name and port (in our example, and port 993).
    8. Set a timeout value.
    9. Enter a username and password on the mail server, say dome9-ticket.
    10. Click Add.

    Jira will check the mail account for messages. Each message received will be converted into a ticket.

    Follow these steps on Dome9:

    On Dome9, you must configure a Notification Policy for your Continuous Compliance assessments, that will send emails to Jira for each new finding. See here for details about setting up Notification Policies for Continuous Compliance assessments of your cloud accounts.

    1. On the Dome9 Console, navigate to Continuous Compliance in the Compliance & Governance menu.
    2. Click Manage Notifications.
    3. Click Add new policy.
    4. Enter a name for the policy, such as Jira-by-email.
    5. Immediate Notification section, select the . Enter the email address configured in the mail server on Jira (above) as the recipient email address.
    6. Click Create.

    Jira will open a new ticket from each finding email sent from Dome9.

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