Enhanced Alerts are here! Q&A

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    What is the new alerts mechanism?

    The new alerts system is built based on the Dome9 Compliance Engine. The new alerts system provides you a consolidated view of all the findings that were generated by Dome9 Compliance module. The new alerts system provides you with the ability to search, filter and manage your security and compliance alerts easily.


    What are the enhancements and capabilities?

    There are many enhancements compared to the legacy alerts system:

    • Additional alert types, based on the compliance engine capabilities. Alert customization is now supported.
    • Control over which findings would generate alerts.
    • More actions, such as assigning alerts to users.
    • Exclusions mechanism that allows to exclude specific findings from appearing in the results of assessments.
    • Send alerts to AWS SNS, Jira, ServiceNow, and PagerDuty.
    • Enhanced filtering that helps to focus on the alerts that are more important.

    For additional information on the enhancements visit here.


    Why can’t I see alerts in the new console?

    The new alerts are generated by the Continuous Compliance engine. The engine runs assessments on the selected compliance bundles and cloud accounts continuously and generates findings. A Continuous Compliance Notification Policy that sends findings to the Alerts Console is required to generate the alerts.


    I still see the same alerts console. Where are the new alerts?

    A proper license is required. See below: “What type of license is required to enjoy the new alerts?


    How do I access the legacy alerts console?

    The legacy alerts are accessible by a link from the new alerts console.

    Here is a direct link: https://secure.dome9.com/v2/alerts/general


    So what would happen to the legacy alerts system?

    The new alerts system is replacing the legacy alerts, which will still be available for a while. We will eventually remove the old alert system. In addition to the Compliance Alerts we also provide System Alerts, which includes system errors only.

    What type of license is required to enjoy the new alerts?

    To fully enjoy all of the new alerts capabilities a Compliance Module license is required:
    Customers with a Compliance Module license will be able to generate alerts based on all compliance bundles.
    Customers without Compliance Module license will get basic findings from the Dome9 system bundle.