Create a Service Request in the Check Point BEYOND Support System

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    This guide describes how CloudGuard Dome9 users can open Service Requests in the Check Point BEYOND system. This system will replace ZenDesk as the support portal for CloudGuard Dome9 as of February 17, 2019.


    1.  To open a support ticket, you must have a Check Point User Center account.
       If you have a user account on BEYOND, follow this link to open a support ticket.
       To open a user account on BEYOND, follow the instructions here.
    1. In the User Center, select Service Request type - Technical Issue,
      and User Center Account – select your account from the drop down list.
    2. Enter the following values for the Service Request details:
      Product Line: CloudGuard – Dome9
      Version – Other
      Operating System – Other

    3. If you have files to upload click Upload Files.
    4. Click Submit. A Service Request (SR) number will be generated.


      US +1 972 444 6600      

      Canada +1 (613) 271-7950

      EMEA +44-114 478 2845