Agent pairing fix

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    This document describe how to fix Linux agent pairing for agents that stop communicate from February 14th 2019.



    Dome9 agent fix script
    The Dome9 agent fix script attached on this article.

    Pairing key
    The pairing key can be found on Dome9 console under My settings.



    Run the script on each Linux agent in order to fix the pairing issue: <PairingKey> 
    For example: p0c51ejsg44hlki9

    This will replace the local certificate with a new one.

    After this process the agent should be accessible and will communicate with Dome9 agent servers.


    Manual Flow

    Locate the /etc/dome9/ca-certs.pem file
    Replace the content of the file with the new certificates file (Attached here)
    Save the file
    Run dome9 pairing command as root:
    dome9d pair -k <Pairing key>

    If any issue occur please contact support