Configure Dome9 SSO with OneLogin

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    OneLogin configuration:

    1. Add new app - On the menu goto Apps - Add App.
    2. Search for “Dome9”.
    3. Click on the Dome9 app.
    4. Set a name in the “Display Name” and click “Save”.
    5. In the configuration page set a “Dome9 Client ID” and click “Save”.

    6. Turn on the SSO on Dome9 platform.
      1. The example below was taken from OneLogin SSO settings:
      • Login to Dome9 Central with a super user account.
      • Under Administration menu click Account Settings.
      • Under Authentication on SSO panel click Enable.

      • The SSO settings page opens.
        Fill the details in the screen below as provided in your SSO settings page.
        • The example below was taken from OneLogin SSO settings

    7. And add to the “Account ID” the “Dome9 Client ID” that you entered in step 5 and click “Save”.

    To enable Just In time provisioning use the following.